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Magic Mugs,Changing Color Mugs

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Theory of color changing

11oz color changing mug, well coated for sublimation printing. The best coating treatment makes full printing on the mug, vivid color showing, shining all the time. It looks so normal at the first sight, however, the surface of the mug is coated with a special coating which turns to be transparent when 40-50℃ liquid is poured into the mug. When the special coating becomes transparent, your personalized pictures beneath will appear. It lightens your life, and you always enjoy the life every day. 

Key Features

A thermochrome heat sensitive coating is sprayed onto the entire outer surface of the mug. Just add hot water and this coating becomes transparent to reveal a wonderful photo image underneath.

Printed with digital sublimation techinques this product has all the advantages of a Photo Mug, but the added extra of a colour change process.

Manufactured with the finest coatings in the world, this product is dishwasher safe and gives a glossy and vibrant effect that is sure to catch the eye.

With no limitation on artwork your mugs can look as stunning as you wish.

Available in a wide range of mug shapes - please email us for more information. 

Coating Colors

The heat sensitive coating is available in several standard colours: black, pink, red, green, blue and orange. We would however recommend the darker colours, for example black and blue, for the greatest effect.

If the image is printed on a dark coating, it is only vary faintly visible when the mug is cold. On lighter coatings, the image is partly visible when cold. In either case, the effect is dramatic.

Print Options

The mugs are printed by dye-sublimation: the image is first printed using special inks onto a carrier paper and then transferred by a heat process to the ceramic surface. Under heat, the inks vaporise and permanently dye the mug with your design. The process is quite different from conventional printing and there are limitations. On the other hand, the sublimation process gives an exceptionally bright and attractive finish unobtainable by any other means.

Print Area: 200mm x 90mm


Material: high grade porcelain stone

Available Types (accept customized color)

1.11oz Color Changing Mug-Full color changing


Color:Purplish Red

Sizes and Packaging

Individually packed in a plain polythene bag (unsealed) and then bulk packed in carton. 36 mugs per carton. Carton weight 12kgs. Alternatively, mugs can be packed in white polystyrene containers strong enough to post. These can hold 1,4 or 6 mugs and are available at extra cost.

Dimension: 8.2cm (diameter) * 9.5cm (height)
Packing—Gross Weight: 20kg
Package: 48pcs/Carton
Package size: 415*325*420mm

 White Box, Individual pack for each mug

2.11oz Color Changing Mug-Part color changing


Dimension: 8.2cm (diameter) * 9.5cm (height)
Packing—Gross Weight: 20kg
Package: 48pcs/Carton
Package size: 415*325*420mm

3.Color Changing Cone Mugs

17oz--10cm (top) 3.5cm (bottom) *17cm (height)
17oz-- Gross Weight: 16kg 
Package: 24pcs/Carton 
Package size: 400*265*318mm
12 oz-- 9cm (top) 4.5cm (bottom)*10cm (height)
Packing—12 oz-- Gross Weight: 14.5kg 
Package: 36pcs/Carton 
Package size: 405*265*308mm


The color changing mug boasts of the most popular size and magic charming. With classic line design, it can be imprinted with excellent images. When you pour hot liquid inside, the heat sensitive coating becomes transparent taking on the hidden image, which will surprise you. Many colors and different shapes are available. Customized color is also accepted.

A person with personality is impressive, so is a personally designed mug. It is very beautiful and practical to imprint a unique mug with your personal photos, your baby’s photos and your pet’s pretty photos on it. Also it is a special surprised present for birthdays and some other parties.

Special Note: All the mugs are of Premium export quality and have passed FDA regulations. It is guaranteed they are nontoxic even in high temperature, please be reliable to use.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is one of the world recognized food and drug administrations, specialized in safety prosecution of food and drugs. There may be some heavy metal which will be harmful for health in the coating of a mug with low quality. All of our mugs have passed FDA regulations, which shows cadmium and lead are appropriate to the standard, no heavy metal pollution.