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China handed down "blue" proceeded as beautiful

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"Plain embryo outline blue Bifeng concentration slowed and the body as you describe the beginning of makeup Peony, in traditional Chinese ink painting, you were omitted from the deep shade of ink, green day waiting for rain, but I'm waiting for you ... "Jay's a" blue and white porcelain, "accepted by the people singing along with a brisk, blue and white took us into the one desired hazy landscape in southern ink. As Flower of Chinese culture through the years, this life we meet again.

"Blue and White Porcelain" 1 Just as its name, like the then "proceeded as beautiful" celadon Need, washed Excessive Magnificence, simple and elegant, fresh and smooth.

Blue and White Porcelain (blue and white porcelain), also known as white, blue and white porcelain, often referred to as blue, is the main varieties of Chinese porcelain. Original blue and white porcelain in the Song is emerging, and mature in the Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen porcelain is the Hutian kiln.

Now called porcelain, glaze color and glaze porcelain sub-categories, the history from the Tang Changsha Kiln, that early glaze polychrome underglaze. When Song Dynasty, gold, white glaze Cizhou appear black, butter, red, green and yellow color, green glaze black color; Dingzhou kiln white glaze black, red, gold color and black glaze gold color; Kat Brown on white glaze kiln and other states, are glazed under color.

Yuan Jingdezhen became the most famous producer of polychrome underglaze. The blue and white glaze blue porcelain from the Song, representing the north and thin bright white porcelain firm. Over the same period and Red color Hongyan, and consistency when the device Qinghong, is particularly beautiful. More blue glaze gold color, and blue to white flowers of the valuable of commodities.

Qing blue and white floral pattern Pastel respect of deer

Ming porcelain, the elephant is as unprecedented. Hongwu period and the element of style closer, and the emergence of fine porcelain enamel red. Wing-lok, Xuande dynasties porcelain sui generis, Taizhi flash of white in the green, blue and white from the Tsing Ma material from Bo Sisu, showing scattered signs of halo, such as ink multiplier effect charm. The "Paradise Blue and White Lotus Jar" pen delicate, complicated but not superfluous, beautifully presented.

Xuande years, "Luo fan flutter fireflies light tea cup" scene with people, poetic and elegant, there is a large General Li Tang style. Xuande kiln is the most famous blue-red device - red underglaze blue and enamel alumina facilities with a device, green and red Xiangying. Began to rise in underglaze blue with colorful enamel combined into masterpieces as "Xuande colorful." Only documented in the literature prior to 1985, the first kind found only in Tibet and fight with local color, which will color technology by the bucket raised to Xuande of Chenghua period.

Su Ma Chenghua of blue and white porcelain from the Qing their material done, switch to equal blue, so not as permanent, declared. But the colorful is increasingly sophisticated, independent bucket made ceramics, color more to fill color technique as its top grade kiln who can million worth gold, precious so beautiful can be seen carry on.

Masanori late to switch Hui Qing blue and white material, color depth Yan Gu Qing, a lot to share and spend a few and Xuan Deqing equal. Festival red stop burning Jiajing years, while the Hui Qing popular, but also strive to play Choi Jin of the device, and the prevalence of gold color, very Chinese adorned. Wanli of the wind still continued Jiajing more than beautiful, and elegant enough.

Time to revelation, Chongzhen, social unrest, Kiln depression, there are only a small amount of ingenuity to make kilns. And Ming Li Zicheng rebellion, but also gives the public the kiln in Jingdezhen destroyed, Junji years a slight recovery, but unfortunately the time soon to Kangxi 17 years to once again thrive, is to open up a new generation of clean the porcelain.

Banana emergency rain outside of the screen, time is passing by. At least, we can across thousands of miles distant mountain overlooking the south of the curling smoke, silently across the vast sea of people miss that faint memories of the shadow, as handed down across the heavy history of quietly watching the same beautiful blue and white porcelain.

In the old blue and white porcelain face, growing old is just my own, and your beauty will always be blue and white porcelain Georgia would never fade in, you can enjoy can be interesting, you can watch.